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Chicken Caldo

Soup are wonderful but are too hot to cook and too hot to eat nine months out of the year.  Not wanting our standard vegetable beef soup, this  Mexican Chicken Soup  was cooked.  Using fresh broth as the base, the soup was full of veggies, a little spicy, and full of warm flavors.  Modifications Made: In preparation, a whole chicken was boiled for homemade broth and then shredded chicken was added in both dark and light meat for fuller flavor. Squash was added to the veggie mixture and the corn was left out accidentally.  Corn's sweetness would add anther element of flavor.  True caldo has corn on the cob but that is too messy for my liking. Scaled for Likability: Good Yummy as it was, it will not be added to the T&T List (tried and true list of recipes) as it was too similar to the ever so fabulous chicken tortilla soup already on the list.

Not Garlic Knots

Sometimes you just need something a little fancy to go with dinner.  Unfortunately, it is already too late in the day to have something homemade fresh and fancy, so you have to settle for semi-homemade fancy.  Like these  Italian Garlic Knots . Many years ago, when I used to live in Weaverville, NC there was a pizzeria on the main drag.  It was small, locally owned, and fabulous.  Not just the pizza, either.  They had sandwiches, pastas, craft alcohols, and the best garlic bread.  I could go there to just eat their homemade, ever so fresh, extra garlic, always warm garlic knots with an ice cold glass of tea.  They were the best thing ever! Not having the time to make bread from scratch, I settled for store bought pizza dough with homemade garlic butter sauce.  Garlic Knots were quick and easy to make, even though very few of my knots stayed knotted, and made leftover night something fancy. Scale for Likeness: Good Were they as good as the local pizza place?  Not even close. 

Eating Waffles

Last week on a whim, I decided to liven up the dinner routine.  To do this, I told my dinner table counterparts, dinners were not going to be repeated.  Awesome, new dinners!, they chimed.  The gang is always up for new grub.  Then I told them the rest of the catch, the caveat: they were going to be served a new dinner every day for an entire year. An entire year.  Smiles did not fade and there was no ponderings if I had gone mad.  Just some general questioning as to why?  The answer was simple: change. There are about a million different recipes out there in the vast world and our plates vary with the same 30 or so meals.  These much loved dinner meals served are tried and true (T&T) and are rotated depending upon time, season, and how long it was since last eaten.  Some meals can be served more than others and other meals served just once every other month or so.  Occasionally a new recipe will be thrown in there for fun, but nine times out of ten, the new recipe will not