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Chewy Pistachio Cookies

Rummaging around at the bottom on the pantry drawer usually leads to things like half eaten cookies stored in a ziplock bag for "later", granola bars gone hard or soft depending upon original state, and odd and ends from various bite size candies.  A whole bag of pre-shelled pistachios is a never find.  When bags of nuts are bought it is a first come, first serve unless otherwise designated for a specific recipe.  Wanting to spread the wealth of this find cookies were the best option.  Shortbread Pistachio Cookies vs Pistachio Drop Cookies.  Drop vs rolled.  Chopped vs whole.  Icing or no icing.  So many decisions.  It was the chill time of the shortbread cookies that made the drop cookies the winner.  This time.

Modifications Made:
Recipe, including the icing, was halved.

Scaled for Likability: Good
They looked just the like the pictures from the original post!  Just. Like. The. Pictures.  I was so, so excited and I am not even a major pistachio fan.  The cookie was tender and moist, the icing offering the perfect balance of sweetness.  Too bad that is where the good stops.

Soggy pistachios.  That's all that needs to be said.

Guess it wasn't a lucky find after all.  Maybe I should have eaten a couple raw pistachios beforehand.  Next time pistachios go on sale both of these cookies will be made for a side by side comparison.  

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